Vacations Group (Vacations to America)

A well established UK Tour Operator specialising in tailor made holidays to the USA.

The challenge.

Although a well known name both inside and outside the Travel Industry, the Company felt that it needed to develop closer more personal links with Travel Agents in particular, in order to build lasting loyalty and a platform from which to take the business to another level.

The solution.

GRC embarked on a round of visits to Travel Agents within its network on behalf of Vacations Group. This involved initially making several visits to key Agents in order to make absolutely sure the message had been absorbed, before moving on to pastures new.

The outcome.

By the end of an 18 month period, Vacations Group declared themselves more than satisfied with the results that had been achieved and indeed needed to recruit more staff in order to deal with the increase in business that had resulted. At one point their California programme showed a 90% increase year on year.

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Why use us

  • Accurately targeted marketing - time, effort and money never wasted
  • Products introduced only to UK Travel industry members who we know will have a genuine interest
  • Face to face meetings - more cost effective than traditional media with far better results
  • Decades of accumulated experience and knowledge at the disposal of our clients
  • Network of over 8000 potential UK Travel industry partners


Our unique approach to getting you noticed within the UK Travel industry
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Your work for Faremine in the south of England enabled us to expand our name into an area where it was little known.

We were very happy with the way in which you conducted your weekly activity in a professional manner through organised visits backed up by detailed reports.

Something you do very well is your ability to fit into a company and adopt its ethos very quickly which meant that we made some early new business wins.
Jamil Malik, Managing Director, Faremine
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