Our unique marketing approach

The Godley Read ‘Eye to Eye’ marketing approach cuts straight to the chase when promoting your business.  We’ll never waste your time and money with non-targeted, lottery-style marketing.

Get your exclusive product noticed throughout the travel industry in the UK and Ireland.

  • Hotel
  • Unique Property
  • Destination Management Company
  • Tour Operator
  • Tourist Board
  • Unique Travel Products

What will we deliver to you?

We will undertake to deliver a stream of business to you via three main channels dependent on the nature of your product:

  • Directly from Leisure and Corporate Travel Agents
  • Directly from Tour Operators
  • Most importantly of all, from carefully selected Tour Operator partners to whom we have driven enquiries from our vast network of the best Travel Agents in the land

How does it work?

Once we’ve agreed terms with you, we immerse ourselves 100% in your product. We’ll make it our business to find out everything there is to know about its unique appeal, its location, its special attractions and refinements, your staff team, your goals and aspirations.

We’ll continue with our research until we understand fully and in precise detail the individual character of your product and what it is we’re expected to deliver. In many cases, this will involve meeting with you face to face, and where practical visiting and experiencing your product first hand for ourselves.

If it’s more appropriate and for speed, we’ll communicate by telephone and email, gathering additional information through your literature and website. Whatever method we agree upon, you can be confident that when we work together we’ll become intimately acquainted with your product.

Introductory email

Hit the ground running… As soon as we’ve reached an agreement with you, we’ll broadcast an email announcement to our elite group of tour operators, leisure and corporate travel agencies. This will include a detailed description of your product and also contain a link to your own website.

Eye to Eye meetings

We then begin the vital process of initiating Eye to Eye meetings with our industry network. Our intimate knowledge of our members’ businesses, combined with our close personal relationships, means that we’re able to match your product with travel agents and tour operators who will have a genuine interest in recommending and promoting you to their clients.

This bespoke approach is fundamental to our ongoing success on behalf of our clients, and it’s what sets us apart from our mass-marketing competitors.

News of a new client is always welcomed with a buzz of excitement among our network members - because they know that when we announce the arrival of a property or product it’s inevitably going to be special. They also know us well enough to be certain that we’ll never waste their time by marketing second rate products to them.

Finally, we present your product to the main decision makers. This involves face to face meetings with owners, managing directors, chief executives, finance and marketing directors.

Speed of awareness

Many of our travel agents and tour operators are large companies and we encourage them to promote and market your product by introducing it to their own client databases - which will generally comprise many thousands of names. This means that your product is quickly placed before the greatest possible number of targeted potential customers. It’s fast, successful and highly cost-efficient.

Continuous awareness

And we don’t just leave it there. To maintain ongoing awareness of your product we schedule regular follow-up visits with our contacts. We’ll also ask you to supply us with updates and newsworthy items about your product, which we can then communicate to our network between visits.

For help, advice and insight into effective Travel and Tourism Industry marketing, please contact us on +44 (0)20 8873 1097 or email us now.

Why use us

  • Accurately targeted marketing - time, effort and money never wasted
  • Products introduced only to UK Travel industry members who we know will have a genuine interest
  • Face to face meetings - more cost effective than traditional media with far better results
  • Decades of accumulated experience and knowledge at the disposal of our clients
  • Network of over 8000 potential UK Travel industry partners
I asked Tony to build me a network of Travel Agents to which I could sell my special airfares. He took a product that did not exist on day one, to a level a couple of years later where our turnover was in the region of £12m annually.
Ranjit Anand, Former CEO – Fair’s Fare Ltd.
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Our portfolio includes:

[Logos] - Arsana Estate, Dragonfly Africa, Luna 2, Select Registry, The Moorings Village