An Airline Consolidator well know in the North of England, but hardly heard of in the South.

The challenge.

The Company wished to penetrate the South of England, which had hitherto been closed to them, in order to challenge the Consolidators that had been firmly established in the South for many years. The perception was that this would be very difficult indeed, as many Travel Agents in the South had used their favourite Consolidators for more than 20 years.

The solution.

The answer as usual in this sort of situation was to use the “personal power” of GRC to persuade the Agents to try Faremine in the first place, whilst at the same time feeding back to Faremine what they needed to deliver to the Agents in order for them to trade regularly, rather than just dabble.

The outcome.

In slightly more than 6 months Faremine had a network of Agents that they were delighted with, in an area from which they had never before been able to extract business.

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  • Accurately targeted marketing - time, effort and money never wasted
  • Products introduced only to UK Travel industry members who we know will have a genuine interest
  • Face to face meetings - more cost effective than traditional media with far better results
  • Decades of accumulated experience and knowledge at the disposal of our clients
  • Network of over 8000 potential UK Travel industry partners


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