Effective marketing in today’s economic downturn

To Market or not to Market, that is the question.

OK it’s not exactly Shakespeare, but it is certainly a question that is being debated all over the world at the moment.

What people want to know is, should they keep paying over their marketing Dollars, or should they retreat into their shells and emerge only when the good times return.

The overwhelming consensus of opinion amongst Travel Industry professionals, is that when uncertain times are upon us, the last thing you should do is to cease marketing activities, if anything you should increase them.  Simply put, if we are entering a phase where potentially there could be fewer travellers in circulation for a while, you should be maximising your efforts to ensure that you capture as many of them as possible, steering them away from your competitors.  Past experience has shown categorically that if you continue to market effectively in tough times, you might make slower progress than in easier times, but you will make progress nonetheless.  Also, when the good times return, you will shoot ahead of the pack, rather like a car that has been straining because the hand break was on and is then suddenly released.  A simplistic analogy admittedly, but appropriate.  If you cease or cut back on your marketing now, you will likely disappear without a trace  and will have to start over again when affluent times return, throwing away anything that has been achieved to this point.

The Godley Read Consultancy is very well placed to help you make the most of the uncertain times and the easier times when they return.  The reason is simply that our approach has always been very targeted, we do not waste our clients money with “lottery” style marketing.  We make sure that every penny that is paid to us hits its intended mark.  For more information please take a look at “our approach“.

Why use us

  • Accurately targeted marketing - time, effort and money never wasted
  • Products introduced only to UK Travel industry members who we know will have a genuine interest
  • Face to face meetings - more cost effective than traditional media with far better results
  • Decades of accumulated experience and knowledge at the disposal of our clients
  • Network of over 8000 potential UK Travel industry partners


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Tony Godley is amongst the top three natural Salesmen I have ever known. My only fear has always been that one day he would try to sell me something, as I would surely have to buy it, whatever the cost!
Ranjit Anand, Former CEO – Fair’s Fare Ltd.
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